National Heating & Air Conditioning handles a diverse range of projects in our fully equipped, in-house, custom sheet metal shop.  We customize solutions to your specifications, turning ideas into reality.  From flashing or chimney caps, to boxes for a flower bed, we can build it.  Specializing in ductwork, National Heating & Air Conditioning optimizes the performance and longevity of your HVAC system through meticulous attention to detail, precision fit, and quality materials.  We fabricate ductwork to suit your unique requirements.  All projects are completed accurately and to a strict and organized timetable.  Contact National Heating & Air Conditioning at (541) 535-4687 for virtually any sheet metal requirement in the Entire Rogue Valley.

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At National Heating & Air Conditioning, we take great pride in our well-established history of proficient and reliable fabrication services.  Established in 1978, our entire team shares a commitment to superior workmanship.  We’ve seen firsthand the impact of ductwork design, construction, and installation on comfort, budget, air quality, and reliability of HVAC equipment.  By managing your complete project in-house, National Heating & Air Conditioning ensures that each vital step is given the care and priority you deserve.  Our fabrication shop and installation technicians work in partnership, seeing to it that essential material is on-site and prefabricated when possible.  National Heating & Air Conditioning delivers quick turnaround, turnkey completion, and greater return from your investment.  Rely on the professionals from National Heating & Air Conditioning for cost effective fabrication solutions.