Heat Pumps & Ductless Heat Pumps

Cut your energy bill up to 50% simply by upgrading an inefficient heating and cooling system with a heat pump! A heat pump is also an air conditioner, so you can enjoy heating and cooling from a single unit as it cycles air in and out of your home to maintain perfect indoor temperatures. By relying on a process of heat exchange rather than burning fuel, heat pumps are often more efficient than other heating and cooling methods.  There is no combustion process, which means no risk of fire or hot surfaces, and no fumes or combustion byproducts, such as carbon monoxide. With variable speed technology, high-efficiency heat pumps lengthen cycles to eliminate temperature swings and enhance moisture removal during cooling mode.

Benefits of a Heat Pump:

  • Save Money – Heat pumps lower the utility costs of heating and cooling without burning fuel.
  • Secondary Heat Source – Heat pumps offer a supplemental heat source.
  • Reduce Fossil Fuel Consumption – By maintaining a base level of heat, primary heating systems such as furnaces only work as needed. Let the heat pump do the rest!
  • Dehumidification – A significant amount of moisture is removed from indoor environments, making homes more comfortable.
  • Increase Comfort – Eliminate temperature spikes, hot and cold rooms, and enjoy even temperature control without burning fuel.
  • Go Green – Rated for energy efficiency, homeowners can be assured that they’re making the best choice for the environment.
  • One-day Installation – One day is usually all we need to successfully install these amazing units.
  • Safe & Clean – Operation is quiet, clean, and safe.

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