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When the temperature outside changes your comfort shouldn't.

Proudly serving the Rogue Valley for over 45 years.

With over 45 years of experience, our factory trained, fully-certified technicians bring you home and office comfort services like no other in the Rogue Valley. Our in-house, custom sheet metal fabrication shop ensures that every project is completed to a strict timetable, with precision calculations, and quality materials.

As your local Carrier experts, we’re here to help you improve your indoor comfort. With Green Home options, we specialize in optimizing the performance of your heating and cooling system to ensuring your indoor air is cleaner and healthier.


Green Cooling Systems

Green Cooling is environmentally friendly air-conditioning, which reduces negative impact on the environment. The adverse environmental effects of cooling systems are due to their direct and indirect emissions. To avoid emissions, green cooling equipment utilizes climate-friendly refrigerant and high energy efficiency. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, National Heating & Air Conditioning provides a broad range of environmentally responsible, ENERGY STAR rated models to answer the requirements of any size or style of home in the Entire Rogue Valley.

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Hybrid Heat Systems

While utility costs are unpredictable, National Heating & Air Conditioning provides certain savings with the installation of a hybrid heat system. Whether gas or electric is the most economical fuel source this winter, we’ve got you covered. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we specialize in exceptional Hybrid Heat dual fuel systems that take advantage of the most effective and practical solution to your comfort at any given time. You’ll enjoy a wonderfully cool home all summer, cozy warmth all winter, and rewarding cost savings all year long. For ideal temperature control in the Entire Rogue Valley, Hybrid Heating is a perfect choice.

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Energy Efficient Products

As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we partner with the leading name in the industry and take advantage of over one hundred years of technical innovations. Since inventing the first air conditioner, Carrier has continued to raise the bar. Whether you’re looking for cooling, heating, or the combination of both, we bring you unprecedented efficiency ratings and the advanced features that offer further cost saving potential. From zoned conditioning to adaptable speed operation, these modern options improve comfort and convenience throughout the home, while preventing the waste of conditioning empty rooms, and allowing longer cycles at lower capacities.

Ductless Systems

Heat Pump/MiniSplit

Everyone should have a place they can go for “me time.” And with a ductless unit from Carrier, anywhere in your home can be that place. Efficient, quiet and incredibly flexible, a ductless unit lets you cool renovated spaces or add-ons, all without the need for ductwork. It’s just one more way we’re making your home totally comfortable. Carrier’s Crossover Solutions provide a system that maintains the traditional ducted heating and cooling characteristics while leveraging elements of ductless technology. Our systems are compatible with residential fan coils and furnaces, ensuring a seamless integration with your existing HVAC setup.